Keystone Private Queensland’s leading Multi-Family Office managing the portfolios of domestic and international high net-wealth families.

The team at Keystone Private are highly experienced industry professionals with an in-depth understanding of the requirements of high net-wealth families and individuals. Every client is different with unique set of circumstances and aspirations that require astute solutions to achieve the right results.

Keystone Private’s impressive knowledge-base, forward thinking development strategies and genuine commitment to your family’s future is a rare combination that ensures confidence and ongoing prosperity.


  • Management of day to day financial requirements and investments
  • An independent and reliable advice platform and reporting framework
  • Advice to sustain and enhance wealth over time as the family grows
  • Guidance to families through generational transition while preserving family values and legacy

Keystone Private looks beyond traditional strategies and considers your family’s individual goals and aspirations to deliver long-term wealth preservation, security and growth.